Best spent money, time and energy that I’ve ever spent

Gary was my coach and mentor off and on for several years and we worked closely together to get me closer to how I wanted my life to look like. I can definitely say that it has been the best spent money, time and energy that I’ve ever spent. The difference in confidence and what I’m able to do now compared to six years ago when I first met Gary is huge – and my anxiety levels have dropped to a small fraction of what it once was. As a music-lover and guitar player, I dealt with a lot of… Read more “Best spent money, time and energy that I’ve ever spent”

Johan B

What you give people is life changing

I went into this thinking I have done this sort of thing before, like self-help reading or watching motivations videos. Honestly, I thought coaching was a hoax, but what you give people is life changing. I was sent to coaching by my company with an ultimatum of get help or get fired. After our sessions, my bosses told me they don’t know what I did, but it worked. My anger and relationships with coworkers was completely changed and as you know, I even received promotion! I thought this would just be a work thing, but our work together has transformed… Read more “What you give people is life changing”

Will H.
SouthEast Asia Regional Director

I highly recommend working with Gary to anyone …

When I first started working with Gary, I was at a crossroads in my life. On one hand, I was on the market for a new job, after three years of slaving away in my current position. I was getting very far in interview processes, but somehow falling short at the very last step. Similarly, I had gone on many dates with women since moving to San Francisco, but something wasn’t clicking. After only a month of working with Gary, many of the pieces started falling in place. I secured a fantastic job within only a few weeks time. I… Read more “I highly recommend working with Gary to anyone …”

Nathan F.

No one has ever taught me so much

I’ve worked in several different working environments, from faceless corporate hellholes to small mom ‘n pop operations, and I can easily state with absolute confidence that no one has ever taught me so much nor gave me more insight into my own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.  I was in a cynical and jaded place when I met you; since then you have instilled in me a renewed desire to learn and a fresher, more positive outlook that continues to make my life better and, I believe, me a better person to be around.  For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Mike M.
Operations Manager

Changed my life forever

Without your coaching,  I would have never tapped into my strength to look at the deeper side of me.  You never fail to make me feel comfortable so I may let go and open my mind to the possibility of change.  Over the last year we have shared pivotal moments that have changed my life forever.  Had it not been for you, I would have continued to live my life completely disassociated from my thoughts and patterns.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.  I trust you with my soul.

K. Barbara

A Big Break for me

Last session was a big break for me, for real. I love this feeling when your beliefs just implode and you get rid of all these built up negative thoughts and behaviours . I felt a lot lighter, with so much tension leaving the body. In fact, my anxiety has gone down so considerably now that I’m almost certain I won’t need meds or anything like that again.

B. J.

Truly realize my potential in this world

I knew that I had unresolved issues that were inhibiting my progress in life: in relationships, my career, and the pursuit of happiness.  But for me, confronting my demons was a task I was ill-equipped to properly handle on my own. Gary’s approach established an environment of trust right off the bat – and his techniques guided me by asking and focusing my attention on the questions and thoughts that would access my inner-most fears and spiritual blockages. Gary is a blessing to anyone that wishes to understand some of the “why’s”.  My work with him allowed me to understand… Read more “Truly realize my potential in this world”

Vice President

Steadying force upon my life

Gary has been a very steadying force upon my  life. I feel like I am more aware and perceptive than I once was. With his help, I have been able to temper aspects of my personality. I’m not as impulsive, emotional, or depressed as I used to be, and I really think Gary put me on the right path. At the end, what you get from coaching is what you put in, and Gary could not be a better guide to choose.

Jason L.

Helped me through some dark times

I never knew that Gary could be such a knowledgeable and caring guide that helped me through some dark times. His coaching helped me work through my emotions and demons. My sessions with Gary has become a part of me and will stay with me forever.  The experience has changed the way I communicate with my wife and has given us the tools to work things out when things are going rough. It has also helped me to realize that no one is going to do it for me and that I need to do the work to improve my… Read more “Helped me through some dark times”

R. N.
Director of Business Analyst

A better understanding of my wife

You helped me to be able to calm down all the voices in my head by better understanding why each of them were there. Once you can understand why you think a certain way (from past traumas or experiences) you can work out of those limiting fabricated beliefs. By clearing a lot of this past clutter, it freed me up to be able to be more present in my everyday life. Specifically with my kids, I’m much more present and able to help them through their own lives. In the early stages of my relationship you really helped me to… Read more “A better understanding of my wife”