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“I can’t wait to wow your audience with authenticity, humor, and powerful life changing moments.”


Developer of The Honorable Code of Powerful Men, Gary Van Nguyen has dedicated his life to helping men end the cycle of violence and depression in their lives.

With an entertaining and straightforward style, he’s able to connect with men at their core by honestly sharing his own personal struggles with depression, porn addiction, and powerlessness in his life. Dispelling common myths and sharing counter-intuitive techniques, he’s able to distill concepts into easy-to-understand ideas and actionable techniques.

Building on 20 years experience, he’s dedicated his life to teaching men life changing insights and powerful techniques to transform and eliminate their anxiety, anger, and frustrations with life and women. His live seminars “The Powerful Man Within” and “You’re the Man Now!” teach his clients to live a life full of confidence, strength, and empowerment through all areas of their lives, especially when it comes to understanding women.

His goal is for every man to leave his seminars with the knowledge and practice to be a powerful man living a powerful life.



Gary’s most Requested and Powerful Keynote Presentations (60-90 min)

    1. Three biggest secrets that men must do to get more love, respect, and amazing sex. (Men Only)

      This compelling high energy presentation cuts to the chase of what it means to be a man in this day and age. Gary unravels why most men struggle their way through life chasing their tails feeling trapped in loneliness, relationships, or their job. Sprinkled with engaging personal stories and hilarious audience interaction, attendees leave with:
      • The #1 reason they’ve been struggling to find purpose and happiness in their life.
      • The most important thing they must do to feel free and empowered now.
      • A proven three step method to get more love, respect, and amazing sex now.

    2. How to Find and Get a Powerful Man to Commit (Women Only)

      Immediately upon hearing how Gary coaches men, women always ask, “How do I find a man like that?” In this, by popular demand presentation, Gary delivers a no nonsense cutting edge talk specifically to help women find, attract, and keep the man of their dreams. With humor and gentle firmness, Gary cuts through the societal myths that are destroying women’s ability to be in a ecstatically passionate fulfilling relationship with a Powerful Man. With their hearts and minds bursting open, attendees leave with:
      • How to quickly  tell the difference between the nice guy, macho guy, and Powerful Man
      • The top three qualities a Powerful Man wants in a partner
      • The top three mistakes women make to repel a Powerful Man
    3. Real Relationships: Princesses and Shiny Knights are Dead (Co Ed Only)

      There’s no manual to relationships. What if the very thing we love in a person is the exact thing that causes us to hate them most?  Gary unveils the hidden relationship dynamics that cause men and women the most grief and frustration. This thought provoking look at human behavior gives attendees the tools to keep their lovers from turning into distant roommates. Attendees will leave empowered with:
      • Why the “Can’t live with’em, and can’t live without’em.” exists and what to do about it.
      • The #1 reason couples lose passion in their relationships
      • Take home tools and techniques for couples to immediately shift their relationship to love and passion.


Gary’s Other Passionate Presentations (20-90 mins)

  • Five Open Secrets that are Neutering Your Manhood (Men Only, Co-Ed)
  • Reclaiming Your Manhood (Men Only)
  • Is Femininity Dead? (Women’s Only, Men’s Only, or Co-Ed)
  • The True Cost of Porn Addiction and how to Break Free (Men Only)
  • How to Find, Get, and Keep the Girl (Men Only)
  • Dating: The Nice Guy, Macho Man, and Powerful Man walk into a bar. (Women’s Only, Men’s Only, or Co-Ed)
  • Custom talks and length on any topic related to men and relationship dynamics are available to serve your audience. Don’t hesitate to ask, Gary loves mixing it up to make your event great!

Attention Meeting Event Planners

  1. Available for pre-event planning and always early so you never have to stress about your speaking event.
  2. Free marketing material available upon request so you can promote your event easily.
  3. A variety of presentation formats and flexible presentation lengths are available for your audience’s custom needs (quick talks, workshops, break out sessions, keynotes, expert panel, and full day seminars). From PowerPoint to flip charts to nothing, technology adaptable. We can also provide our own PA system if necessary.
  4. We can work with most budgets. All presentation fees are custom priced based on audience size, ability to sell from the stage, and several other factors. Reach us at our custom pricing form to get your immediate quote.

 More About Gary

As an international coaching professional, seminar leader, acclaimed mentor, and speaker, Gary Van Nguyen, has helped hundreds of struggling and frustrated men transform their lives. With over 20 years experience, he’s mentored and led groups of men turning them into powerful role models for boyfriends, husbands, and fathers of future generations.

Storytelling is what audiences love and Gary has mastered the art by weaving his own personal struggles and those of his clients into actionable teaching moments. He’s able to engage and connect on a personal level making complex topics accessible to all audience members. His memorable stories of personal vulnerability drive home crucial points and keeps the audience captivated and excited to hear the next chapter.

Delivering humorous and entertaining keynote presentations, he shatters masculine myths and misconceptions on what it means to be a man, attendees will never think about manhood in the same way again. They leave with a new empowering view of masculinity and a new set of powerful tools and proven techniques to gain command of their lives.

While his presentations focus on the livelihood of men, he’s able to cater any talk to co-ed as well as women only groups.



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